FAQ page


1. What are the payment methods?

- You can pay by Paypal.


2. Is your credit card safe?

- This website does not record your credit card information. Your payment is handled by Paypal.


3. Do you offer refund or cancel a subscription?

- Yes, I do offer refund or able to cancel a subscription with a 10$ fee if you have not downloaded a single image.


4. What is a royalty-free?

- Royalty-free does not mean that the images are free to use. It means, you don't have to pay a royalty fee for each image your purchased and you will use.


5. What is Exlusive?
- Exclusive images (soon videos and audio) here mean, the images are not sold in other websites or any place and it will be removed once you purchase it. The prices of Exlusives are more expensive because they're sold only once. You will then have the exclusive ownership and copyright of the image.


6. Error files or no files during download?
- If you got a wrong file, error or even no file after you purchased or downloaded, please do not hesitate to contact me, and will send it to you by email.


For more questions, contact me.

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